Golf Course

Ranked "#7 Among the Top 10 Courses in Washington" by Golf Digest (2007)

Known for its superb, year-round conditioning, Indian Summer Golf & Country Club is among the Northwest's premier, private golf clubs designed for the enjoyment of individuals and families alike. The Peter L. H. Thompson designed golf course is built to rigid, tournament-caliber specifications with magnificent, old-growth forest, and an abundance of water features. Voted "Best of Nike Tour" by players, the course is rated one of the top five toughest courses in the state of Washington. However, with six sets of tees, golfers of every skill level will have a challenging and enjoyable experience round after round.

Course Conditions

Welcome to the wettest recorded winter on record!  From a turf maintenance standpoint we have been working on many different areas of the golf course in order to prepare for the upcoming golf season.  We have completed several detail projects and most recently edged all sprinklers and valves on the golf course.  This not only improves visibility of the yardage markers but it improves sprinkler coverage and helps us avoid accidental sprinkler hits when it comes to aerification.  This spring, we plan on using a deep-tine aerator on the fairways to improve drainage.  The tines are able to penetrate 8+ inches into the ground depending on firmness.  We will target the worst draining fairways in the spring and move to the remaining holes in the fall.  The verti-drain is shared throughout the company and we plan on using it when it becomes available which could be anytime between mid-March through May.  Currently, it is too wet to use without causing turf related damage so the timetable for acquiring the machine is a moving target.     
In early February we were able to topdress all of the greens.  We continue to needle tine the trouble greens on a weekly basis in order to expedite water movement through the profile.  Although this is mildly disruptive to the surface it is excellent for promoting recovery.  Currently the surface of the greens are sealed and aerification should alleviate this problem.  We will punch the greens with 5/8” solid tines and topdress heavily.  This is a relatively new practice compared to pulling cores but it has been done successfully at Tacoma Country Club and Harbour Point for several years.   The tines will be noticeably larger than the tines used in the past but this is necessary to create large, clean sand channels for improved root growth, drainage and air movement.  This method of aerification has several health benefits for the plant while speeding up healing time and firming the surface of the green. 
The aerification process will begin as soon as the weather pattern transitions from flood to drought…hopefully sooner than later.          
Rick Hancock
Golf Course Superintendent